May 12th, 2013 by Deborah K. Kelly





One day the maple dropped sap,
another day, bud cases.
Seeds waved goodbye
all the way to the ground,
to leaves young and ripening,
leaves that made promises
as if summer never ended.

Of course, the maple filled with snow,
dropped clumps,
dripped liquid threads that froze near nighttime–
just days before the bees arrived,
nodded into the maple flowers,
into the cells of fallen honeycomb,
fragrant, caramelizing in the sun.



One Response to “Spiral”

  1. Gregg Hodgson says:

    Beautiful! One of your lines–“Seeds waved goodbye all the way to the ground”–will find a permanent home in my brain, and I’ll bring it out to enjoy again every Fall! Thanks!

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