April 15th, 2013 by Deborah K. Kelly


Art by Adrian Bezanis


This predecessor mood next to its successor
…they are transient as two bodies
one light/one shadow
that pass each other in the deep blue sky.

The corona rounds its infinite shadow
and is brighter.
The moon is a perfect orb of ink.
Light is a whiter reflection of darkness.
They pass each other in the deep blue sky



2 Responses to “Vivid”

  1. Karen Keane says:

    Great team work…the mother and son inspire and reflect the other. Perfect and in keeping as we all “pass each other in the deep blue sky”…

    Also thinking about Oolong Picnic today–the cup must be emptied before it can be filled again is the wisest wisdom of the ancients. Truly, perfect contemplation for this day when I am bursting with anger with doubt with hurt with fear and with all the other negative emotions that keep me clinging to the stuff to the outcome and to the words that otherwise don’t move me or make me wiser…

    Your search, D, makes my own an imperative again, reminds me of what is necessary…


    • We are trying not to break the cup, aren’t we? Anger is to alert us, the purpose of being alerted is to act with clarity and power, but clarity is in awareness, and awareness is the powerful stillness inside our deeds and words. Oh, for practice, for compassion, and skill!

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